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Nili Couzens spoke brilliantly at Sinai Indaba, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg. She captivated audiences with the powerful combination of her engaging and entertaining style of delivery and her profound and immediately relevant ideas. The South African Jewish community absolutely loved hosting Nili and learning from her.

Kind regards,

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Chief Rabbi, South Africa

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Nili Couzens on four consecutive Passover programs.

She is a wonderful speaker - she brings great energy to her lectures and comes fully prepared for her topic of discussion, which promotes the confidence and relaxed air she exudes at the front of the room. Her lectures are thought provoking and inspiring and are always geared to the time and crowd she is addressing. She uses appropriate humor and stories to make her positions crystal clear to the whole room. I look forward to working with Nili in the future and to hearing her speak again and again. She has my highest regard and recommendation.

Mindi Yeger

Program Director, Pesach Time Tours

Nili Couzens was invited to be the scholar in residence at our Shul over the past weekend.

She attracted a large audience who came to be inspired by her really altogether brilliant presentations.
She had the rapt attention of literally all of participants in each of her talks, all of the time. She is a
most polished and sincere ambassador for authentic Torah values and is able to speak directly to
the hearts and souls of her listeners. 
We have had sensational feedback from her visit. Her talks were well researched, informative,
seriously impactful and tremendously entertaining.


I believe her to be one of the most effective orators on the circuit of Jewish speakers.

Rabbi David Shaw

Rabbi of Sandton Shul, Johannesburg, South Africa

We just did our Third Annual JWI Women’s Shabbat of Unity at Aish LA this weekend.

We brought Nili Couzens out for the second year in a row since she hit such a home run last year.


Nili is such a fabulous resource. She has it all. She has incredible wisdom and is extremely articulate. The women relate so easily to her and she to them. Every talk was peppered with great humor and stories so she is very entertaining as well. She is fabulous at fielding questions and speaking off the cuff.  

There are very few women who can pull off what she does.

We highly recommend her to you for your events.

Chana Heller

Director, Jewish Women's Initiative (JWI) Aish Los Angeles

As Program Coordinator for Go Inspire Travel, I book dozens of speakers for groups that come to Israel and Nili Couzens is one of the most sought-after speakers requested. Nili is captivating, articulate and thought-out.  I have had the pleasure to sit in her classes, as well as work closely with her. I would heartily recommend NIli as a speaker; any audience is lucky to have her.  ​

Raizy Nussbaum

Program Coordinator, Go Inspire Travel

Dear Nili,

Thank you for coming to Atlanta to speak to our women.  You were fantastic!!! Everything we hoped for and more. You inspired, motivated and cultivated growth.

The magnitude of the impact one individual can have on the world, is exemplified so profoundly by what you have built.

With much gratitude and admiration,

Batsheva Gelbtuch

Co-Director, JWC (Jewish Women’s Connection) Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for such a meaningful and inspiring evening you created by bringing Nili Couzens to Dallas to share her humor and wisdom with all of us.


The evening was especially so for me, as lately I have been in search of ways to further connect with my daughter, Sophie, as she begins her journey through adolescence. Hearing Nili verbalize in such a beautiful way the very subjects that my daughter and I have been discussing was such a blessing, as it presented us with another level on which we can further relate; a spiritual, soulful one.  


Sophie is coming into adolescence with a fierce regard for women’s rights and the roles women will and can play in today’s ever-changing world. We both agreed that hearing Nili’s talk impacted us with new insights into a woman’s role as written in the Torah  - What a feeling of empowerment, comfort, and support we both felt in knowing that women have always been regarded as strong, natural leaders for thousands of years within our own religion.

Again, thank you for a moving evening filled with passion and wisdom.


Dallas, Texas


My wife and I attended your talk last night in Minneapolis, and I just want to tell you I really, really enjoyed it. You are an amazing speaker and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that I learned more about Rosh Hashana in one night from you than in all of my past years of formal Jewish education. Just wanted to thank you again and tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your talk.


Minneapolis, MN

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