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The Apprenticed Soul


Raising your kids is the most important job you'll ever have. This 4 part series lets you focus on the goals of raising kids so you can intentionally be the parent you really want to be.

Curriculum includes: 

  • Class #1: 

    • Setting the tone of your home.

    • Why punishments don't work

    • Effective Praise 

  • Class #2:

    • The 3 Essential Goals of Parenting

    • The 4 Essential Goals of Motherhood 

    • Apple seed v Tomato Seed Kids

  • Class #3: 

    • The Secret Shortcut of Parenting

    • Teaching Kids to Respect Parents in a Technological Age

    • Cooperation Techniques

  • Class #4: 

    • Why Kids Misbehave 

    • When is it Okay to Tattle?  

    • Effective Discipline

The Details

  • 4 -part online series taught by Nili Couzens

  • After registration, all 4 classes will be emailed to you, both video and audio links.  

  • Cost: $400 for 4 part series

    • Up to three people can join on your registration so that everyone who parents your children with you is learning together.   

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