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G.R.O.W. = Girls Run Our World 

Today's teens are tomorrows leaders. 


A 3 part series to initiate the next generation to lead us into the future


Each class is 45 - 60 minutes on Sunday, for 3 consecutive Sundays. Individual and group sessions available: 

  • Part 1: The Real Wonder Woman:

       The Unstoppable Power of Jewish Women 

  • Part 2: Heroines:

       Women in the Torah (almost) ALWAYS Save The Day

  • Part 3: Prophecies and Crystal Balls:

       What Jewish Wisdom says about YOU

  • Optional Additional Meeting:  Individual session about the Bat Mitzvah's girls Torah portion, potentially focused on topic of her speech.  

Please fill out form for more details and someone will be in touch with you.  

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